About We Care

There is no better place to have your insurance than with We Care. We can handle all your insurance needs. Working on your side you can be assured that you have the appropriate amount of coverage.

Two businessman with insurance policies - About We Care
A Family under an umbrella - About We Care

We offer a range of policies for individuals, families, & businesses

Who are we?

We are a community working together to make insurance better. We believe in being transparent and always improving ourselves. In the world today insurance has become more and more confusing. Our plan is to end this. As an independent brokerage, we keep the insurance companies in check and will help you win.  We Care fights for you.

Our Mission

To make insurance honest.

Our Vision

Individuals, families, and business owners understanding their insurance and being cared for in the right way.


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What we offer

From getting started to long-term relationships, we have what you are looking for in insurance. Our dedicated staff is always working for you to create the best insurance experience for you. 

Best Quality - About We Care

Best Quality

We grantee your covered for what you need and no more than that. We’re on your side and it will always be that way.

Premium Customer Service - About We Care

Premium Customer Service

When you need us, we’ll be there. There are several ways to contact us. From our individual agents to our customer service line.

Customized Plans - About We Care

Customized Plans

Policies are created on your terms, we’ll help you make your insurance how you want it. Both company and coverage matters in our personally created plans.

Evolution - About We Care


If you spot an error or have an idea for us, we are all ears. We are constantly improving.

Agentero - About We Care


A free app to manage all your insurance even if it doesn’t go through us.

Low Rates - About We Care

Low Rates

Customer rates are shopped by the end of each policy period to ensure best price.

Our Team of Experts

Chris Cook - Founder - About We Care

Chris Cook

Founder and Lead Agent

With a finance background, Chris has came into insurance wholeheartedly. His ambitious nature has shown that the insurance industry can change into what people want.

Ryan Keiser - About We Care

Ryan Keiser


Seeing so many people lose to insurance companies over the years, Ryan has made it a personal mission to make insurance companies honest. Negotiating with insurance companies and building trust is how Ryan has given insurance companies a better name.

Chad McDonald - About We Care

Chad McDonald


Dedicating many years to the elderly, Chad has gained insight in knowing how to help others reach their end goal. He has partnered with many companies to be able to provide the most choices to our consumers.

Put You & Your Family in Caring Hands

Current States

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